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Welcome to the TALOS Community, a thriving online hub where members share ideas and support each other. This platform allows you to:

  • Stay informed about the latest developments in the TALOS project.

  • Discover and leverage connections within a supportive network.

  • Engage in discussions that spark collaboration and innovation.

  • Contribute to a community that amplifies the project’s reach and impact.

Why Discord?

We chose Discord for its unique capabilities that support the creation of a lively, engaged community. With customizable channels and configurable roles, Discord enables us to tailor the community experience, ensuring vibrant collaboration, the formation of valuable connections among technology enthusiasts, and the provision of engaging activities.

A part of the “Connected World” Community

The TALOS Community has been incorporated in the broader “Connected World” community, linking projects across AI, Robotics, Data/Cloud, and IoT sectors.

This integration is designed to encourage interactions between TALOS Community members and peers from related initiatives, fostering a collaborative spirit and inviting members from various ecosystems to unite under common goals.

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The community channels

The TALOS Community caters to a wide range of interests and needs, with channels that will evolve with the project. Currently, our community features:

  • Project News & Updates
  • Events
  • Open Call Helpdesk
  • Supportive Partners and Ambassadors: A dedicated channel for our Supportive Partners and Ambassadors to facilitate communication, field inquiries, and coordinate dissemination activities.
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