TALOS solutions will demonstrate the added value of robotics & AI in the PV and agricultural sectors.

Adapting to different scenarios and users, these solutions prioritize high reactivity and responsiveness for effective collaboration between robots and humans.

  • Robotics deployment tools and human-robot collaborative environment

    Multi-agent environments with the human-in the-loop*
    An advanced system that oversees groups of robots in intricate scenarios to manage tasks such as strategic planning, movement coordination, and interoperability within multi-robot human-centric systems.

    Digital twins (DT) and topological scene understanding
    A scalable system that uses virtual representations and maps created by robots and drones to give a clear picture of large areas.


    In TALOS, the “human-in-the-loop” concept refers to the human-robot interactions that will take place through the innovative solutions developed in the project.

    TALOS draws on a human-centred approach based on:

    • the collection of human requirements that will impact on the technical development;
    • end-users participations through a social innovation roadmap, their involvement in test campaigns and in training sessions;
    • a comprehensive social impact analysis for each of three demonstration cases

    This approach will ensure that the “human-in-the-loop” won’t be overlooked.

  • Robotised PV monitoring and inspection

    AI fault detection and classification system for PV plants based on DTs for mission planning
    An AI-powered solution designed to find and categorize problems in photovoltaic (PV) plants. It compares live data with simulations using digital twins and advanced analytics to spot issues early.

    Edge intelligence for PV fault detections powered by AI and multimodal data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
    A smart system that uses AI and various types of data collected by drones to find and categorise problems in large-scale PV plants.

    Recommendation engine for O&M actuations based on cost impact from AI, DT, and drone image analysis
    An engine integrating AI, digital twin, and drone analysis to optimize maintenance scheduling in solar plants

  • Robotised land based PV O&M

    Autonomous robomower with smart vegetation management
    An autoguided electrical lawnmower (grass cutter) that can cut vegetation beneath PV panels, collect clippings, navigate safely, and autonomously replace its battery and container.

    Autonomous automatic guided vehicles (AGV) robocleaner
    An autoguided electrical cleaning system that can provide both dry and water-based cleaning.

  • Robotised floating PV O&M

    Increased inspection endurance with unmanned surface vehicle (USV) in large-scale FPVs through robot-robot interactions.

    Autonomous robotics cleaning solution for FPV
    A ground vehicle that autonomously cleans floating solar installations using the robot operating system (ROS).

  • Robotised agricultural monitoring and inspection

    Autonomous agricultural monitor unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) with smart charge management and on-board crop monitoring device
    A self-driving farm monitoring vehicle equipped with smart charging and a device to monitor crops on board.

    AI based agricultural monitoring (yield forecasting, plant health status and action triggers algorithms)
    An AI-based agricultural monitoring system that continuously collects data, monitors fields, and provides actionable insights for farmers based on crop status and treatments.