TALOS project presentation video on Solar PV and Agriculture innovations

NEWS - 18 June 2024

The EU-funded project TALOS is set to transform the solar photovoltaic (PV) and agricultural sectors by integrating cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability. 

But “What if we could revolutionise the way we manage solar PV plants and agricultural fields? What if we could use advanced robotics and AI to create a more sustainable future?” These questions are at the heart of the newly released video by TALOS, which introduces the groundbreaking innovations the project aims to achieve.

Thirteen partners from across Europe are working together to:

  • Develop autonomous robots for cleaning, inspection, and vegetation management in PV plants.
  • Implement advanced AI systems for early fault detection and optimisation of maintenance processes.
  • Integrate digital twins and edge intelligence to provide real-time data and enhance decision-making.
  • Explore innovative solutions for land-based, floating, and agricultural PV scenarios.

TALOS will demonstrate its technologies through three pilot projects:

  • Land-based PV
  • Floating PV
  • AgriPV

The project leverages the unique capabilities of digital twins, multi-agent environments, and human-robot collaboration to deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions for the renewable energy sector. By addressing the challenges of PV operation and maintenance, TALOS aims to contribute significantly to the EU’s energy transition goals.

Watch the video to learn more about how TALOS is driving innovation and sustainability in the solar PV and agriculture industries.

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