Launch of the TALOS Community

Community Project Update - 28 March 2024

Discover the new TALOS Community, a collaborative platform by FundingBox designed to connect project partners and stakeholders.

Screenshot of the TALOS Community website

In an exciting development for the TALOS project, our partner FundingBox has unveiled a new platform designed to foster collaboration and exchange: the TALOS Community. This initiative marks a step towards enhancing interaction among project partners and stakeholders, providing a dedicated space for sharing insights, updates, and opportunities related to the project.

Yolanda Moreno, Project Manager at FundingBox, shared her enthusiasm: “The TALOS Community is intended to be the central place for TALOS Partners and stakeholders to interact and share news and updates about the project or other information that could be of interest for its members. We expect the TALOS Community to become a dynamic place where all our ecosystem can be updated about the latest developments and opportunities in this vibrant project.”

The platform is also part of the larger “Connected World” community, bridging projects across AI, Robotics, Data/Cloud, and IoT sectors. This inclusion facilitates interactions among members of the TALOS Community and related initiatives, promoting a sense of unity and cooperation across different technological ecosystems.

The TALOS Community also hosts various channels catering to diverse interests and needs, ensuring relevance and engagement for all members.

Read more about our Community and join us here.

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